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What Goes In A Bento Box, Five Fundamental Rules To Follow

It need not be restricted to a Japanese menu: Though the bento box originated from Japan, it can also include non- Japanese food items. You can pull in from other cuisines provided they fulfil the above mentioned fundamental principles of what goes into a bento. You will be able to prepare and pack your bento box in no time when working with familiar ingredients.

Besides the above basic attributes, following are a few more things that can be kept in mind:

Safety aspect needs to be considered

All food items packed into your bento should be safe to ingest several hours after its preparation. Foods that are fine to be packed into a bento include well-cooked proteins, cooked veggies, raw salad veggies that remain fresh, preserved foods like pickles etc., dry foods like crackers and nuts, carbs that are flavoursome and safe to be eaten at room temperature.

Takeaway foods to be avoided

Foods that do not remain good for hours after being packed should not be included in your takeaway bento box lunch. These include items like undercooked protein, for example, undercooked tofu or raw fish sushi etc. These should only be used when eating at home or have a place to refrigerate your meal.

All said and done, What Goes in a Bento Box, Five Fundamental Rules is an excellent mode for eating nutritionally balanced, colourful, appetising meals at home or while on the go. Keep in mind the basic principles of what goes into your bento, and you shall score high on your health charts with as less dent to your pockets as possible!

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