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4 Quick & Easy School Snacks for Kids – My Fussy Eater

4 Quick & Easy Snack Ideas to Send To School & Nursery – pack up these snacks in just 1 minute. Simple but healthy too!

School Snack Ideas for Kids

I often get asked about ideas for school snacks so I thought I’d do a quick post showing you some ideas. If you have time to batch make snacks like muffins, granola bars etc then that’s great. But we’re all busy and I know that most days we’re scrambling through the cupboards trying to throw together something healthy for snack time.

So here’s some ideas of snacks that can be packed up in just one minute, along with some top tips to think about when packing your own.

1. Cheese & Breadsticks

  • Babybel cheese
  • Mini Breadsticks
  •  Grapes (cut in half)
  • Sugar Snap Peas
Cheese Snack for Kids - School

Top Tip – Take the plastic wrapper off the babybel. It’s one less barrier for kids to go through, so more chance they’ll actually eat it!

mini babybel

2. Banana & Oat Bar

  • Half a banana
  • Oat Bar
  • Tomatoes
  • Cucumber Sticks
Banana & Oat Bar snack box for kids

Top Tip – Rub the cut end of the banana with a little lemon juice to stop it from browning.

banana and lemon tip

3. Sausage Skewers

  • Cocktail Sausages (can use pork, chicken or veggie)
  • Carrot Sticks
  • Strawberries
  • Mango
Sausage Skewer Snack Box for Kids

Top Tip – use frozen mango chunks. No peeling or chopping needed and they defrost really quickly.

mango chunks

4. Rice Cake Sandwiches

  • Rice Cakes with Hummus
  • Apple Slices
  • Raisins (you can refill these boxes so much cheaper!)
  • Satsumas
Rice Cake Hummus Sandwich Snack Box for Kids

Top Tip – make little hummus sandwiches with mini rice cakes. Or go for a sweet filling like jam!

apple rice cakes

Tips for packing snacks for school:

  1. Most schools and nurseries are now completely nut-free so bear this in mind when packing snacks.
  2. Don’t pack anything too messy. Chances are by the time it gets to snack time that box will have been bashed around in the school bag and any messy foods will be inedible!
  3. For younger kids make sure all snacks can be eaten independently and quickly. Keep packaging to a minimum if you can so your child won’t have to wait for a teacher to help.

4 Quick & Easy Snack Ideas for Kids to take to School or Nursery

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